Thursday, 21 July 2011

July 19

Today we enjoyed a Traditional English breakfast - free range eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, toast (homemade bread too!) with butter and homemade jam, pressed coffee with warm milk, and OJ.  Bill had three kinds of homemade jam:
1. Cherry - very nice; everyone loves things that are cherry-flavored!
2. Seville Orange Marmalade - Karen's favorite; flavorful but not quite for me
3. Greengage - my favorite!  It is a type of plum that makes a green jam...very different and I loved it!

We wandered around Stratford so much today that we no longer need the map to get around.  :)  We saw some beautiful buildings, schools, and churches - just on the walk into town.  In the bustling areas we found a treat - a place called The Creaky Cauldron that was very magic and Harry Potter themed.  They even sold wands and sent postcards with owl post!  Karen sent several postcards to her daughters by owl :)  This is Stratford Preparatory School.

The Shakespeare Institute Library - part of a University now.

It's like traveling back into history here!  Look at these little cottages...and the castle on the end?  That is the King Edward VI Grammar School - where Shakespeare probably went to school!

The Garrick Inn - named for Shakespearean actor David Garrick - the oldest Inn/ pub in Stratford.

The Creaky Cauldron - very fun!  I saw Fizzing Whizzbangs, all kinds of jelly beans, and assorted candies as well as magical, "Harry Potter" items.  It also contains an award-winning "wizardry" museum!

We began our learning at Shakespeare's Birthplace.  The beginning was a lovely presentation about William, his history, and his legacy.  Also, some important artifacts were on display, like THE FIRST FOLIO.  THE ACTUAL FIRST FOLIO - THE REAL THING!  We toured through his home where he was born and grew up.  It is very well-kept and historically accurate (like most of Stratford), and there were costumed guides in each room to give a bit of information as people wandered about.  The only issues I had were in the gift shop; I couldn't decide what to buy! :)

After splitting the Pie of the Day with Karen for lunch at the Old Thatch Tavern, I had better luck at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre gift shop when we went to claim our tickets.  I bought a fiesty T-shirt w/ a quote on it - it suits me just perfectly!  Then I took some pictures of the large statue of the Bard surrounded by statues of some of his most famous characters.

Karen in the red telephone booth - we couldn't resist! :)

The Royal Shakespeare Company

William Shakespeare greets all who enter Stratford-upon-Avon.

Karen Sipes as Lady MacBeth

Tiffany Jackson as Hamlet

The City Madam was very well-done.  The characters were biting and witty, and the staging was intricate - it was done on a thrust, which can be challenging.  A very good day.

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  1. Oh man! I want to smear your breakfast all over my face! And the Creaky Cauldron?? Jealous!