Wednesday, 27 July 2011

July 27

Day 7 - Marlow to Iver

This is Granny Anne's - our very quaint B&B in Marlow.  We are off on Day 7 of The Walk!  We have to walk a mile to get back on the path.

OMG!  These signs were in the front window of a business in Marlow.  No joke.

"Go straight ahead if you wish to visit the Parish Church..."

Here is the Thames again, the view from a bench we stopped at.  We needed to re-adjust our footwear and bandages.  Karen's little toe was being squished, and my left foot was being smashed just below the toes!  We doctored up our feet and were on our way!

I had to have a picture with the cows!  I actually reached out and touched one of the noses!  :)

Such a pretty cow!  OMG I love cows!

Another pit stop to refuel - we were really dragging today - and this goose decided to be snotty!  Well, goose, are you coming along or not?

Karen's Quote of the Day: "Look!  We could have a soft whippy with our spotted dick!"

Oh, the River Thames!  We are getting close to Bourne End and the marina.

Karen has taken off down the path!

This is the bridge at Cookham.  Lovely!

We stopped at the Ferry Inn in Cookham for lunch.

This is my delicious wood-grilled mediterranean veggie pizza!  It was fantastic!

Where is the pizza?  IN MY BELLY!

A cow-skin rug?  Did I mention I love cows!

We have decided we are done for the day - we have already stopped for coffee twice and can't seem to get the momentum going!  The taxi is on the way?  Time for margaritas!!!  Yummy!

The taxi ride was insane!  Here we are in our room at the Tower Arms Hotel in Iver.  Time for a nap!  We actually slept for two hours - we WERE exhausted!

Today was a sluggish day...

The pedometer said: 6.5 miles; approx. 13, 800 steps; approx. 590 calories burned
Total so far: 90.1 miles

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