Monday, 25 July 2011

July 23

Day 3 - Chipping Norton to Bladon (Woodstock)

"Go across field aiming for stile just to right of projecting hedge near modern barn."  Cute lambies!

A view of a field that we have passed through.

This lambie had a lot to say and we stayed to listen.

This bull was very noisy and followed us down the fence for a while to show off his nosering (not visible here).

"Go along public road and down steep hill through attractive Lidstone hamlet."

A lovely view of some woods around the River Glyme :)

"...keep in same direction as the last few yards of woodland path..."  Go Karen!  Stop filming everything!

A pretty view across the fields that we already trekked across...yeah.

"Turn right, off surfaced road to go straight down a magnificent avenue of trees."  Indeed.

Ditchley Park Mansion..."used from time to time as a weekend retreat by Winston Churchill and members of his War Cabinet during 1940 and 1941."

"Go up wooden steps, known as the Stonesfield Steps, to cross the massive dry-stone estate wall of Blenheim Park."

Seriously, I still have to climb some stuff?

"After 30 paces, turn right...and go along track through woodlands."

There is a huge gaming festival going on in Woodstock so we had to book a room in Bladon.  It is an extra mile off the path.

The highlight of the day: when we reached the campsite for the Game Fair, a bus stopped by us and offered to take us to Blenheim Palace (which we wouldn't have seen since it isn't on the path) so after 14 miles we were happy to accept the ride!  

Then we exited the Palace grounds and continued on to Appletree House in Bladon, which was lovely!  We really enjoyed our stay there.  We had a full-size claw foot bathtub right next to our room - I haven't soaked in a tub for was so relaxing!

The weather has been wonderful!  In the low to mid 60s every day.  We had very little climbing today so it was a very pleasant walk.

The pedometer said: 16 miles; approx. 33,800 steps; approx. 1445 calories burned.  Oh yeah.
Total so far: 41 miles.  


  1. You have had some nice lodging! I didn't realize your path would be so scenic. Beautiful pix!

  2. I LOVE all these really nice people willing to give you rides everywhere! ^_^ And, yes, like Vickie said, your accommodations have all been so lovely and quaint!