Sunday, 24 July 2011

July 21

Happy 12th Birthday to my nephew, Shane!

Our last breakfast in Stratford today!  We did enjoy this lovely English trifle (Greek-style yogurt, granola, dried apricots, and honey)...and would you believe that Bill makes his own yogurt?  Amazing.

"Having visited...Shakespeare's Birthplace, head south-eastwards down Henley Street..."  Here we go on Day 1 of the Shakespeare's Way Walk!!!

The Walk took us back by Holy Trinity Church and I saw several gravestones for other people named Jackson.  My ancestors?  Who knows?

"...turn left to go down path running parallel with noisy road on embankment..."

This means we go this way...right?  Should we keep looking for these markers?

"After about 100 paces, turn right to go over stile and head across field on well-defined path..."

We just came through this field of plants that are almost as tall as we are!!  :)

The horse could smell our lunches and followed us down the path a little ways, hoping we would part with an apple or two!

"Veer slightly right across field, aiming to right-hand end of projecting hedge."  Yes, those are sheep.

Look at where we have come!  We crossed all of that!

"Cross bridge over...Humber Brook and go across next field..."

"Turn left at T-junction of tracks and go along tree-bordered path." (village of Clifford Chambers)

And we've come through another narrow pathway along a field...

Another field that we must cross on a "well-defined path."

Here are several fields that we did cross!  We are beasts!

The lambie also wanted some food, but we never fed any of the animals - we thought they might bite!

"...bear right down tree-shaded path to go over bridge crossing..."

"Head straight across field going just to right of low buildings of sewage works."  No mention of the cows and that they will follow only two feet behind you across the field.  We had just made it over this stile when they rushed it!

The sheep in this field DID NOT like that fact that we were crossing their territory.  Clearly, they are having a town meeting to discuss what to do.

Really?  We have to walk up that inclined road?  Really?  "Up slope beyond small brick bridge, still keeping on road."  Well, okay.

Oooohhhhh, love the view!

Love this one too!  But it takes a lot of work to get this high up in the countryside!  This will be the last picture of the serene landscape for today.  Karen and I were exhausted after eleven miles of treacherous terrain, and, when we found a gas station in Halford, a generous lady gave us a ride into Shipston.

Our final destination after Day 1 - the George Hotel in Shipston-on-Stour!

The first day was ROUGH to say the least.  Our shoes can tell the story best.

The highlight of the day: the book reads "turn left at the junction of tracks by possible hay/ straw storage area on left."  It doesn't tell you to pass the hay storage and then turn we turned left too early and got crazy lost.  Suddenly, the owner of the property (in a work truck) drove by, recognized we were lost, and drove us back to our misstep!  We rode standing up in the back of the truck; it was like being on safari!  Then we realized our mistake (which also was aided by the arrow on the marker pointing in the wrong direction), and this kind gentleman drove us up to our next checkpoint - past the "pairs of ancient oak trees" to the "scrappy fence" that we desperately needed to find!

The pedometer says: approx. 23,300 steps; 11 miles; 994 calories burned.

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  1. I love all these "well-defined path" instructions!
    Also, I love how these English country folk think nothing of giving you rides everywhere! Bless their hearts!

    Stay clear of cow patties...they're not as delightful as they sound! ^_^

    And, if it's possible, shove a lambie in your pocket for me, thanks! ;)