Wednesday, 3 August 2011

August 1


This morning we will go punting.  Which means riding in a small, flat boat up the River Cam.  It will look like this one.

From our boat, we got a magnificent view of King's College and the Chapel, which took over 100 years to complete.

These are the student accommodations of King's College - most of the student accommodations are along the river.  It makes for easier pranking of the first year students...

Here is our punt master, Peter.  He gave us all kinds of interesting history of the colleges.

Oh, a gaggle of geese on the tour as well!

I don't remember if this is Clare College or Trinity Hall...

This is the Wren Library of Trinity College, where some valuable manuscripts are the handwritten first copy of A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh, the only sample of John Milton's handwriting, and some of Shakespeare's first plays.  There are no books on the first floor, as a precaution.  The River Cam wasn't always so predictable, so the books were placed on the second floor in case the river were to flood.

Trinity College, founded by Henry VIII - the most wealthy and largest college of Cambridge University.

This is the Bridge of Sighs, which connects the student accommodations to the academic buildings, where examinations would take place.  Students would "sigh" as they crossed it.  It is designed after a Bridge of Sighs from a prison that would take death row inmates to their deaths.

The ivy grows up the side of the student accommodations of St. John's College.

The Mathematical Bridge - it was originally constructed using only principles of mathematics instead of nuts and bolts.  Until...some students decided to take it apart as a prank...and were unable to reconstruct it.  :)

The tower of Great St. Mary's Church in the middle of Cambridge - it would be impossible to photograph all of the churches and colleges there are...they all look alike and would be difficult to tell apart!  This church, however, is an important it directs us to the Cambridge Market!

We did A LOT of shopping today!  We found some shirts, sweaters, pants, shoes, and accessories!  We may have to ship some things home or donate some things before we leave London for Scotland - our suitcases will never close!  :)

Our Shakespeare Festival experience continues with MacBeth (that Scottish play) at Trinity College Gardens.  See how the set is covered with a pagan ritualistic symbol?  Spooky!  During the second half, the sky changed and the clouds made a huge cross just above the break in the trees - I looked at Karen and said, "Oh no.  Jesus doesn't like the play."  

The actor who played MacBeth was also in The Comedy of Errors - I remembered him as the doctor with the magic ball.  He kept looking at the front row of the audience and saying "don't look at my ball!"  Also, Lady MacBeth was fantastic!  She really committed to the crazy, sleep-walking scene before her suicide.  Lots of blood too - a goodly play!

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