Friday, 5 August 2011

August 5


Today was a lazy day.  We did laundry and situated the packing for Scotland.  I ended up mailing half of my clothes home - after the Shakespeare Walk, I didn't need so many clothes anymore! It was convenient...BUT NOT CHEAP.

Then, Karen and I decided to roam around London a bit before meeting some friends at RADA.  I have a couple of shots here of the grand staircase inside the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel...which Karen was determined to explore.

The concierge was kind enough to take a photo of both of us on the stairs - how regal!

Here is the view up the stairs - staggering!

The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Geoff said that Ralph said he was allowed to hug Karen...well, that's what he said.

After the meeting at RADA, we decided to celebrate our last Friday night in the UK by going to Piccadilly Circus.  Here is the famous statue of Eros that greeted us as we exited the tube station.

Piccadilly Circus is like London's answer to Times Square - there are huge screens with advertisements...

...the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum...

...and the Theatre District - The 39 Steps in playing in the Criterion Theatre.

Here is the entrance to Chinatown (much like the entrance to Chicago's Chinatown).

...and here is the street.  Tons of Chinese restaurants, but you need to go a little further for the shopping...which we did.

But not before stopping here for dinner - appropriately called "London Chinatown."

We began with Sweet & Sour Won Tons - absolutely crispy and delightful (filled with prawns!)...

...and Hot 'N' Sour Soup - excellent, by the way, full of interesting shrimp!...

...and egg fried rice to go with our Stir Fried Chicken with Hot and Spicy Sauce - which we successfully ate with chopsticks!

After a wonderfully tasty Chinese dinner (and a bottle of wine), we ended up in the M&M store - which is amazingly fantastic!

Clearly, my favorite is the Green M&M.  I mean, she is the best one.

Tomorrow - off to Scotland!!

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