Wednesday, 3 August 2011

July 30

London/ travel to Cambridge

Today was the RADA test!!!  Aaaahhhhh!  Karen and I were up early, running lines at breakfast, and we left early to get to RADA to practice before the exam.  We had an hour to run lines before we were called.  Lucky for us, our sight-reading scene was from As You Like It...which we had just seen in Oxford!  We knew just what to do and we made the judge laugh!  :)  Karen said one of her lines twice but that was her only flub; I rearranged a couple of my lines!  I thought we did pretty well.

After the test, we had a lovely train ride to Cambridge.  It was only an hour, and then we took a taxi to Girten College Gardens to see a matinee of The Comedy of Errors.  It was really funny and easy to follow - very slapstick and over-the-top!  One of the actors was Daniel Wohlberg's British twin - why does everyone have British twins??

All of the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival plays are performed outdoors in a college garden or park.  This is the set for The Comedy of Errors.

After the play, we walked into Cambridge (since we are used to walking...) but stopped for food at Sir Isaac Newton's Pub.  Finally!  We found some nachos!  And we had Pimm's and fish 'n' chips, too.

We continued our journey into Cambridge and found St. Catherine's college...but no porter.  We had to go to our evening play with our backpacks!  Unfortunately for us, the Shakespeare Festival sites are not well signed, and we were ten minutes late for The Winter's Tale because we couldn't find it!  Apparently, Leontes is jealous of his wife, Hermione, who he thinks is unfaithful but she's not and he gives away her daughter and her son dies and she dies but not really and the daughter grows up with a shepherd and returns later to Leontes who has realized that Hermione WAS faithful and she comes back to life from a statue.  Really weird.  I guess you have to read it.  IDK.

Here is our spectacular dorm room at St. Cat's.  The porter told us it was the best room on the whole campus.  Sweet!  We had two huge windows and a monster view!  It really spoiled us :)

This is the sitting area by the window where we had tea and hot chocolate every evening.

Here's Karen...trying to find the "plugger-inner" to charge the IPAD and the IPHONE.

It's going to be a trick to find our way out of the dorm...and back in to the room!  It was a bit of a maze to get here!  :)

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  1. Great job! And WOW! that's a spacious dorm room!