Wednesday, 3 August 2011

August 2


A continuation of the shopping...Karen in a large hat at a boutique called Sahara.  Indeed. a much smaller the Cambridge Market.

Inside the mall called the Grand Arcade, I found a store called Schuh.  And what do they!

At Jane Norman's...we decided against this particular sweater...but did buy jeans here!

OMG!  We found authentic fresh Mexican food!  HALLELUJAH!!  We had frozen margaritas, nachos...

...and a steak quesadilla...and more frozen margaritas.  It was heavenly!

Uh oh!  A chocolate store?  Liza, guess who has a treat coming???

The entrance to the Grand Arcade, across from the Post Office.

A popular store...where Karen bought a couple of cute blouses.

Unfortunately, Jane Norman is going out of business!  Sad face.

And the Cambridge Market...lots of vendors - jewelry, purses, handmade soap, fudge, food vendors, fresh fruit, Cambridge clothing, hats of all a huge flea market that is open every day!

Our final Shakespeare play of this year's Festival was Much Ado About Nothing - one of my favorites!  Beatrice was played by the same actress who played Adriana in The Comedy of Errors, and Verges was played by our favorite Dromio!  She is truly a gifted comedic actress!  Lots of comedy and liberties taken with this one...  I really enjoyed it - this would be my first choice if I were to direct a work of Shakespeare.  Aaahhhhh...gravity.

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