Wednesday, 3 August 2011

August 3

Cambridge/ travel back to London

After checking out of St. Cat's, we set up at Starbucks to get some coffee and wi-fi.  Sure they can split the atom at Cambridge University but you can't get wi-fi in your dorm room.  Really?

I took a quick pic of my Birkenstocks that I bought yesterday...for not very much money.  You can get them really cheap over here!  :)

After a pleasant train ride back to London, we arrived at the Jesmond Dene to find that our room - now Room 9 (on the top floor) - was not ready, so we walked around to McGlynn's Pub to have a drink.  But the kitchen was closed.  So...

We walked around to The Boot Inn, which was Charles Dickens' favorite pub!  We sat in his booth!  We had more Pimm's!  We had to take naps!

After our spacious dorm at St. Cat's, our tiny room at the Jesmond Dene will take some getting used to.  A lot of getting used to.  At least we are close to the bathroom this time.  :)

We decided to walk down to O'Neill's for dinner and passed the glorious St. Pancras International Train Station...which also includes a hotel!  The building is beautiful, and here it is!

After a Creamy Mushroom Melt, Guiness Battered Fish 'N' Chips, and a bottle of white, we are ready to call it a day.  Back to the Jesmond Dene to catch up the blog and call our husbands, whom we miss dearly!

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