Wednesday, 3 August 2011

July 31


I am attempting "a trail of it were" so we can find our way back to our dorm room.  We have to go up these stairs, through a locked door, up to the second floor, through a door marked "2", to our door, which is Suite 2...

We have to go around this stretch of building to get the previously mentioned stairs...or through a short hallway to the left...

We pass this small garden...of which Karen pinches a lavender bloom every time we pass...

Here is where we turn left to enter the area by the small garden...see the door directly across the green?  That is the dining hall where we enjoy chocolate croissants for breakfast!

The front gate and entrance to St. Cat's.

A view of St. Cat's College from the street.

The door to the Porter's Lodge, where we met the Porter, who showed us to our awesome room.  Ok, I think I can find it now.  :)

Today we decided to hop on the City-SightSeeing Bus to get an overview of the sights in Cambridge.  A great idea - then we knew exactly where we wanted to go explore!  This statue marks a World War I soldier returning from war, looking over his shoulder at the Cambridge Train Station and marking his entrance back into Cambridge.  He was the landmark we looked for when we walked back to the train station after our days in Cambridge.

We saw so many interesting sites on the bus tour, including many of the colleges that make up Cambridge University (there are 31).  We also saw the Microsoft Research facility, an orchard that had been in use for over 100 years, an award-winning veterinary hospital, and the Cambridge American Cemetery, which is owned by the American government.  England gave America this land to bury the soldiers who had died here in service during World War II, among them being the famous Glen Miller, the bandleader.

With our bus tour, we bought a punting tour as well.  We walked back through Cambridge...although it being Sunday, most of the shops were closed.  So...we went to a small grocery and picked up some snacks before heading back to our dorm room.  It was a lovely, unstructured day!

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